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Everyone is an Apprentice

We have introduced a learning and development pioneering Policy at iungo for all employees to be Apprentices, including co-founders. This doesn’t mean that we pay our employees £4.30/hour, but it does mean that we invest fully in our employees’ development and encourage them to invest in themselves. This is about building confidence as much as capability, and our experience so far illustrates a strong link between learning, confidence, and performance. 

We created this Policy initiative for two reasons. Firstly, we wanted to use this message to shape our organisational culture, demonstrating that we are open to new ideas and committed to continually improving our capability and working practices. Learning and development is crucial in shaping our business. More broadly, we want to change the perception of apprenticeships and highlight them as the ultimate symbol of social mobility. 

How we recruit

We do not concern ourselves with where you are from, where you are now, what you may look like or even what you have done before. Our recruitment process is based on our novel “AAA” framework – Attitude, Aptitude & Ambition. 

We recruit people based on their attitude towards our company and our mission; their aptitude to grow with the business and with our support, develop the required capabilities; and we consider a candidate’s ambition to determine if iungo’s strategy aligns with individual career goals and if integrating them into the company today will enhance the future dynamic and competency of our team. 

Our “AAA” framework prevents unconscious age, gender, and race discrimination from impacting our advertising, interviewing, or decision-making processes by eliminating prerequisite requirements such as experience. Our framework forces us to think long-term about our talent acquisition decisions, considering the whole person and their future potential.

> Interview with iungo’s Chief Executive, Jessica Leigh Jones

We prioritise mental health and wellbeing

We are a digitally native company, with fully flexible and remote working practices as standard. We are excited at the opportunity that flexible working provides us as a company, but we are also cognisant of the potential impacts on the mental health of our employees through a lack of structure and routine. 

As such, we make full use of digital collaborative tools including Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, and Google Docs to create a pervasive theme of team togetherness. We prioritise engagement with the more reserved members of our team, to involve them with our social and wellbeing initiatives.

We try and have some fun too!

Benefits of working with us

Fully remote and flexible working
Creative freedom and work autonomy
Continuous learning and development opportunities
Flat and dynamic organisational structure
A salary that grows with the business
25 days plus bank holidays
St David's day off (or a national day of your choice)
Bring your whole self to work

We are award winning

iungo has been named Cardiff’s Best New Business at the Cardiff Life Awards 2021. The judges commented:

“iungo innovated smartly to create an app helping people affected by Covid to identify new roles in different sectors.

“Creative, strategy and tech pioneers.”


iungo is also one of five Welsh start-ups recognised by Tech Nation for high growth potential in the 2020 Rising Star Awards.

Our pioneering learning culture was highly commended in the Rising Star Leading the Way Diversity and Inclusion Awards 2021. The judges selected iungo for

“using apprenticeships internally as a symbol of social mobility and normalising the approach by making every employee an apprentice (fostering an always learning culture). iungo Solutions have also put in a rigorous approach to recruitment and selection based on externally validated assessment models to remove bias in the selection processes.”


iungo has recently been selected as a finalist for TWO Culture Pioneers Awards.

“I’m really blown away by this submission. I’m glad iungo is sharing what they are doing with the wider world as many will be inspired.”

Blaire Palmer, Culture Pioneers Judge

“At a time of hard-pressed start-up and scaling ambitions for iungo, it feels like innovation was fuelling every key decision and applied way of working,”

Perry Timms, Culture Pioneers Judge

Cardiff Life Awards Best new Business 2021
UKBA21 Diversity and Inclusion Award
Tech Nation Wales Rising Star 2020
Tech Nation Diversity and Inclusion Leading the Way Award 2021
Culture Pioneers Learning Finalist 2021
Culture Pioneers Innovation Finalist 2021
WSUA21 Creative Start-Up of the Year Finalist

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