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Who we are


iungo was founded upon a unique partnership between driven opportunists Jessica Leigh Jones MBE and Tom de Vall. A powerful combination of human capital management skill and cross-sector industry experience gives iungo a unique positioning within the careers ecosystem to create the connective tissue between employers, training providers, and policy makers.

Tom de Vall

Co-Founder & CFO
Tom has held senior positions at Sony, KSR International, and Amazon. He has an MBA and, as an advocate of life-long learning, has continued his personal development and is currently studying for a BSc in Economics and Mathematics.

A career that begun in automotive electronics quickly fuelled a passion for business management, and specifically, the multi-faceted value in effective people management and talent creation.

Initially operating as an intrapreneur, the opportunity to scale impact and explore collaborations to enhance opportunities for people was realised through iungo Solutions. The shared vision for iungo created a unique business model and unrivalled service, accelerated through growing demand for agile, employer-led and future-focused skills provision. Sustained progression has been built on tangible results for businesses and individuals and the continued drive to challenge convention, setting new benchmarks for the industry.

Jessica Leigh Jones MBE

Co-Founder & CEO
Jessica is a multi-award-winning Engineer and Entrepreneur. Jessica developed and patented a fibre optic sensing technology for medical applications before joining Sony in 2016 where she held engineering and operational roles interfacing internationally across the corporation. She received an MBE for services to women in Engineering in Wales in the 2020 Queen’s Birthday Honours.
Jessica graduated from Cardiff University with an honours degree in Astrophysics in 2015 and completed her MBA with Manchester Metropolitan University in 2023 with a disseration in Foreign Direct Investment in Semiconductors in Wales. She is an experienced Company Director and was recognised as the Womenspire Non Executive Director of the Year in 2020. Jessica is Vice Chair of Wales’ largest awarding organisation, WJEC, the former Chair of the Centre for Digital Public Services in Wales, and an Advisory Member to the Panel on Wales’ Constitutional Future and FinTech Wales.

Our Team

Robert Hall

Estates & Continuous Improvement Manager

Rob manages the day-to-day estates operations at iungo Solutions. Working closely with Group Leaders, Rob overseas all delivery and continuous improvement (CI) activities. Rob manages critical projects, and works closely with the technical team to continually improve the digital learner journey. He supports the EX team to ensure we are continually developing our employees to keep abreast of changing industry skills requirements. Rob is also leading the Semiconductor Skills Academy Wales project

Bradley Tanner

Quality & Compliance Manager

Brad is an experienced manager and educator having worked in a range of sectors and in a range of roles within education across the UK and Europe. Brad oversees the delivery of our apprenticeship programmes and works closely with our clients, Awarding Organisations, and regulators to ensure that we provide a high quality user experience and are compliant in all aspects of our contract, including IQA, Health & Safety, and Sustainability.


Lauren Tucker

Operations Analyst

Lauren Tucker is a game developer working in C# and Unity. She has a passion for games with a strong narrative and visual identity. Lauren loves creating her own 2D digital art assets in Procreate, and is now learning to create 3D models for games in Blender. Lauren gained her BA Translation (French and Spanish) in 2010 and a PGCE in secondary education in 2015. Lauren is putting her teaching experience to good use at iungo as Operations Analyst, making sure participants are supported and challenged to achieve their best.

Bryony Brown

Operations Analyst

Bryony is an enthusiastic individual who is passionate about personal growth and challenging herself. With 8 years experience in the education sector she is keen to continue helping others learn and thrive, while still developing and growing her own skill set. Having worked with children using the Scratch block programming tools, she realised how creative programming could be, and how it provides tools in itself to help others learn not only other programming languages, but many other skills too. This fuelled her desire to expand her skills in this industry. Since then Bryony has been learning with Iungo through the Games Development Foundry where she has been developing her skills in C# and utilizing Unity.

Tina Bansenga

Marketing Administrator

Tina Bansenga is a Marketing Administrator with a passion for content creation and social media marketing. She recently completed an Honours degree in International Media and Communications studies at the University of Nottingham where she gained valuable knowledge of digital communications and a variety of media channels. Tina has a background in Beauty consultancy but since her graduation, she has been managing social media for Citifaith International Church in Swindon where she has been able to obtain skills in community engagement. She also participated in the Girls in Marketing virtual internship programme in September 2023 in which she was able to hone her skills in digital marketing.

Employee Experience (EX) & Recruitment

Ploy Nilduang

EX & Talent Lead

Ploy is responsible for Employee Experience (EX) at iungo, managing all aspects of HR operations, mental health and wellbeing, and employee engagement. Ploy oversees our learner recruitment operations across all our programmes including Apprenticeships, Skills Bootcamps and Professional Learning Programmes.

Kiirthana Rajarathnam

Recruitment Analyst

Kiirthana has a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management from Cardiff University. She is responsible for managing our pipeline of learner recruitment across all of our programmes. She provides front-line customer service support to learners and clients, assesses eligibility for funding, and advises clients on ways to make their Learning & Development budgets go further.

Raju Paul

Recruitment Administrator

Raju Paul is a seasoned HR professional with a wealth of experience in driving organizational change and fostering employee growth. Holding a ‘Master of Business Administration (MBA) Global’ from ‘University of South Wales’ and a ‘Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)’ with a focus on HR Management from ‘North South University’, Raju’s academic background is complemented by practical expertise.

Technology, Digital & Data

Mason House

Software Architect

Mason is leading our Technology & Automation Strategy and designing our platform and data architecture. He is pioneering the development and integration of new technologies into our evolving platform to meet customer and internal requirements for an end-to-end Learning Experience (LX) platform. He works closely with our technical and operational teams to ensure a high-availability and effective service to all of our users.

Zaheer Abbas

Data Scientist

Zaheer is an Advanced Data Scientist developing and optimising data algorithms using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to improve our learner recruitment and retention. Zaheer works closely with the Software Architect and Digital Growth Executive to automate and optimise the learner journey, creating a seamless User Experience (UX) for our customers.

Jade Lesh

Digital Growth Executive

Jade is an inspirational User Experience (UX) Researcher and a competent programmer, and User Interface (UI) designer. She is responsible for developing and maintaining a seamless end-to-end User Experience (UX) for learners and clients across a multi-channel eCommerce architecture. Jade is currently heading up our website redesign… Watch this space!


Matt Ettridge

Product Architect & Lead Tutor

Matt oversees the Tutor-Practitioners. They are an experienced Senior Tutor-Practitioner specialising in Front-End Development technologies and Games Development. They tutor in Python, JavaScript, C#, Unity and Blender. Prior to being promoted to a Lead Tutor-Practitioner, Matt was responsible for the development of customer-facing applications and services for iungo.

Michael Smart

Senior Tutor-Practitioner – Immersive Technologies & Creative

Michael is an experienced Virtual Reality (VR) Developer, Learning Experience (LX) Designer, and Tutor. He is leading the delivery our Games Development modules in Unity and Blender. Michael also has a broad range of skills in Internet of Things (IoT) development, Robotics and 3D Printing. He is developing and delivering employer-led provision in each of these areas.

Daniel Hughes

Senior Tutor-Practitioner – Data & Sustainability

Daniel has an MSc in Sustainable Resource Management from Cardiff University. He leads our Data Analytics, Data Visualisation and Business Intelligence programmes across our Skills Bootcamps, Apprenticeships and Professional Learning Programmes. He also delivers our Lean Six Sigma White, Yellow and Green Belt provision and is shaping a new suite of Sustainable Product Design programmes using waste reduction and circular techniques.

Tom Gaze

Senior Tutor-Practitioner – Cloud & Software

Tom delivers our Cloud Services training to clients using AWS, Microsoft Azure and GCP tech stacks. He is a Physics graduate of Cardiff University and is proficient in Python programming, Data Analysis and Machine Learning (ML). Tom is developing our suite of Digital & Cloud programmes for professional audiences. He also tutors on our Skills Bootcamps.

Fatme Topkeva

Tutor-Practitioner – Data & Lean Six Sigma

Fatme, a multi-faceted individual driven by a profound passion for data analytics and machine learning, has embarked on an extraordinary journey of transformation and enlightenment. Despite her reservations towards statistics during her undergraduate statistics degree and a career pause of twelve years for raising children, Fatme’s intellectual journey took an unexpected turn. She now finds herself deeply immersed in the domains of applied statistics, quality management, machine learning, and data science, particularly in their practical applications within the business landscape. This metamorphosis reflects her insatiable thirst for knowledge and her ability to adapt and grow. Beyond the analytical world, Fatme is an avid reader, drawn to the profound insights offered by psychology and personal development literature. Fatme’s most cherished endeavour is teaching. She has dedicated over eight years to volunteer teaching, passionately breaking down complex concepts for children, including topics as intricate as religion.

Jose Luis Diaz Pulgar

Tutor-Practitioner – Software & Data

Jose Luis is a versatile professional with a diverse educational background and a passion for continuous learning. He holds a master’s degree in civil engineering with a specialization in structures, demonstrating his strong foundation in mathematics and problem-solving. Jose Luis transitioned his career into web development and data analysis, showcasing his dedication to staying at the forefront of technology trends. Proficient in JavaScript and Python, his background in mathematics, particularly statistics, acquired during his university years, has equipped him with a solid understanding of the quantitative aspects of data science. This knowledge has paved the way for his exploration of the world of machine learning.

Ruben Nkameni

Tutor-Practitioner – Data & Software

Ruben is passionate about data-related activities such as data analysis, and holds a Master of Science in Data Science from Cardiff Metropolitan University, a Master’s degree in Finance and Accounting from the University of Douala, Cameroon, and a Bachelor’s degree in Management Sciences. Ruben delivers our Data Analytics and Business Intelligence training including Power BI, Google Looker and Tableau, as well as database management with tools such as SQL, and programming languages like Python. Ruben has also volunteered as a Digital Support Volunteer with Cardiff City Council to help, to the best of his ability, to support the community in solving the challenges of the developing digital world.

Laura Murphy

Tutor-Practitioner – Semiconductors

Laura is an experienced Electronics Engineer. Having spent the last nine years in industry designing and developing technology for the Air and Naval sector. From optical aircraft displays to ship control systems, Laura has worked on a range of products that deliver innovative and creative solutions to modern day problems. Although, predominately, her career focus has been electronic hardware design, she has an interest in software and now works at integrating both disciplines in the form of firmware development. The GDFW and Python programmes, run by iungo, have paved the way to access the skills that would allow that next step in her career.

Maureen Treanor

Tutor-Practitioner – Financial Services

Maureen is a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach with an extensive background in Human Resources and Financial Services. Maureen was Head of Human Resources and Change Management at AfrAsia Bank in Mauritius. She is a lead tutor on our Financial Services, FinTech, Project Management and Entrepreneurship programmes.

Kendra Tanner

Tutor-Practitioner – Entrepreneurship

Kendra Tanner is a Leadership Coach and Business Growth Consultant. She co-founded Three-Sixty Aquaculture, a start-up that designs and operates land-based systems to grow non-native marine species, with a mission to increase UK food security and reduce food miles. Kendra helps leaders streamline business’ operations, bring the best out of themselves and their people, and make strategic decisions that create less stress and more (cash) flow.

Karen Howells

Tutor-Practitioner – Marketing & Digital

Karen is an academic with 28 years experience in higher education, which followed 12 years as a software engineer. She is a chartered engineer, chartered IT professional, and registered as a European Engineer. She will be delivering your Software Design Module. Karen leads on our marketing and Software and Systems Architecture Design programmes.

Büşra Algeç

Tutor-Practitioner – Engineering & Entrepreneurship

Bee is an experienced Trainer and Workshop Facilitator with previous education, work and training experiences in engineering, professional facilitation community building. Bee delivers our suite of Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship programmes including Social Entrepreneurship Creative Entrepreneurship and Enterprising Engineers©.

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