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What Being a Digitally Native Business is about

What Being a Digitally Native Business is about

Working from home

Over the last few years, there’s been a vast spike in the number of people who work from home, although those with their own businesses likely did so before many others, the idea of being a remote worker became very apparent when the CoronaVirus (Covid19) came to become the worldwide issue it was; and to this very day, still is.


As pandemic restrictions began lifting,  people surely but gradually started to return back to their workplaces. However many companies still offered to those who were finding home working to be more ideal for them,  could continue to do so. Working from home has become the new normal for many businesses with many others opting to adopt a hybrid approach over a full return to the workplace. 

iungo’s vision

iungo, is a solely remote working company who started up during the pandemic. The pandemic was a struggle for so many, lots losing their jobs due to the  lockdowns and restrictions  being in place. Whether working in catering industries, retail, office work etc, so many people were turned down with no places to go day to day and suddenly not many opportunities at large, due to the world being on pause. This issue also resulted in a lot of uncertainty for young people, who may have been in the midst of exam season and not too sure what their next steps for the future would be, those who were just finishing school or university as the pandemic struck etc.

For many a situation such as those mentioned. iungo offered an online product which was aimed to help prevent such worry, through times such as lockdown, alongside all and any times since;  iungo created ‘Opus by iungo’.  ‘Opus by iungo’ is a product ensured to help pave a path for those unsure where to go next with what they have. Alongside those who may have an idea of where they want to be in years to come, but are more unsure of the steps they ought to take to get there and how long exactly it could take. But alongside iungos idea, they also needed a team to help with the business as a whole.


iungo is  a ‘Digitally Native Business’ which when narrowed down means that it is run by workers who work remotely in a variety of different departments to help run iungo on a whole. Without the team behind the scenes of things, iungo very likely wouldn’t have come as far as it has so fast. When looking for our website, it only takes 0.27 seconds to come up, and it’s the top result when searched for.

Why Digitally Native Working

Digitally native companies are essentially the future of work. They are mainly reliant on people who are a part of the millennial and genZ generation (also known as, the generations who were born and raised around technology itself). As time goes on, many companies are encouraged to bring more and more digitally native workers to their businesses to help bring shape to the future digital workforce, sooner rather than later. These people have been connected to ‘The Cloud’ all through growing up, whether it’s sharing images on social platforms, files and drives for education, music via links or downloads to share with friends and family etc, they have likely experienced it in some way shape or form. 

iungos virtual impact

As a company, we all complement one another’s ways of work by remaining social. We have facilities available to make our experiences being  remote workers a lot easier. Communication is done through platforms such as WhatsApp, where general questions can be asked at any time of any day and are usually answered by someone or another. We also use emails to communicate information or any updates. This works well as we can do this by using chain emails to either the entire company in one; but also specific teams only or of course individuals. But we find that holding daily calls via ‘Google Meet’ sometimes in our teams, other times as an entire company, to help keep one another in the loop of what we’re working on day by day is our most efficient way of working. 


Being able to have  our cameras on allows us to get to know each other fairly personally despite working remotely. It means that we can still have a good relationship with  members of the team in real life even if they are working around the globe.  We can easily share certain information with individuals or teams that may be beneficial to them. Whether it be information from other calls that have taken place that some may have been unable to be in for whatever reasons, or sharing recordings of important calls. This can benefit accessibility for our employees as some may feel they can understand something better upon listening back to it. We also occasionally send out further information emails to team members for clarification on their updates for their own personal guidance on matters. 

The Team in iungo

Within our team, we strongly encourage team members to communicate how they find their experiences when working from home. We appreciate all and every piece of feedback we receive and try our best to problem solve as soon as possible with any technical difficulties, communication issues or other queries anyone within our team may be experiencing. We recently have started offering the opportunity to our team members to be able to meet in person on a monday at an office space in the Cardiff area. This helps with those who may struggle not knowing the people they’re working with directly in person, so gives them the chance to meet people within the company whom they may not have found themselves talking to. One of our members of the team themselves has given some feedback to help gain a better insight into how they feel on the topic of remote working personally:


Working remotely suits my style of work really well. My work requires a lot of graphics and drawing so being able to do these in my own space/ environment means I can get the job done quicker and to a higher level. iungo gives us the option to meet up in person every Monday, which is great for the Creative team. It means we can bounce ideas off one another in person, setting the work week up. We can then work remotely for the rest of the week, and reach out to each other when we need to. I personally wouldn’t want to go back to working non-remotely as I think this is the greatest way that my skills can be used to the best of my ability.”


From this feedback it is safe to say that digitally native working definitely works out well for many. For those who aren’t as confident on the idea, they are being offered more and more opportunities to have a schedule that works best for them. From in person work at a set location, to working digitally, wherever that means for you, little things are making all the difference.

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