The Challenge

Future-Proofing the Welsh Economy

iungo was created to respond to the future skills requirements of emerging and evolving industries in Wales. “iungo”, meaning “to connect”, aims to create the connective tissue between policy makers, employers and training providers. Apprenticeships are positioned at the heart of iungo’s strategy to create a resilient, highly skilled and prosperous Welsh workforce to future-proof the economy. 

iungo works with employers to create bespoke management strategies for developing existing employees and recruiting new talent, achieved through the medium of high-quality, cost-effective apprenticeships. iungo provides Quality Assurance to employers through validation of apprenticeship objectives, management of training provider relationships and support for developing the organisation’s capability and environment. 

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Purpose Statement


Realise an international brand for apprenticeships, underpinned by a connected infrastructure of policy, education and employment opportunity. 


Mobilise a high-achieving, adaptable and resilient workforce through utilisation of high-quality apprenticeships.



You can rely on us to take care of your needs. We consider the impact of decisions on the business, its employees, its customers and the wider community, and strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for all. We do not engage with organisations who operate, or participate in, unethical practices.


We never reinvent the wheel. We appreciate the expertise of others and recognise the combined power of working together to solve complex problems. We facilitate connections to boost the effectiveness of our partners' solutions and expand best practice. 


We understand the problem before we solve it. Our bespoke end-to-end solutions support the client in defining their requirements, objectives and measurement instruments. In doing so we create the best possible opportunity for sustained success. 


We operate on a continuous improvement basis. Whilst a big bang is usually followed by a big crunch, we advocate for progression, continually pushing the boundaries of what we do and how we think.