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The Jewel in Welsh Manufacturing’s Crown

Semiconductors represent the jewel in Welsh manufacturing’s crown. Welsh Economy Minister, Vaughan Gething, has predicted that the “compound semiconductor technology sector will be at the heart of the next industrial revolution”. Who mentioned Industry 5.0?!

Semiconductors are the main materials found in the electronic chips that power our mobile phones, computers, televisions, and any other electronic device found in the home. The properties of semiconductor materials can be engineered to conduct electricity in certain ways. Compound semiconductors, which contain multiple elements, offer advantages in size, weight and performance. Compound semiconductors are creating opportunities for exciting new applications including 5G (and beyond), electric vehicles and space satellites. 

The semiconductor industry in Wales is home to IQE Plc which has a 55% share in compound semiconductors globally, and international technology companies including SPTS (KLA), Microchip, Microlink and Newport Wafer Fab. The Welsh semiconductor industry is forecasting 3,000 new jobs in the next 5 years creating a wealth of opportunity in science, engineering and technology roles.

Upcoming Semiconductors Programmes

CSSC Accredited Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Professional Upskilling
Green Skills




10 weeks

Starting 24 November 2023

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt is a project-based certification in which you will undertake a critical business improvement project. Building on your understanding of Lean and Six Sigma from the Green Belt, you will learn key leadership principles for implementing a lean culture and develop advanced techniques for managing, analysing operational performance. You will also learn about advanced performance metrics and techniques. Lean Six Sigma can be applied to almost every sector including manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, retail and the public sector.

Semiconductor Skills Academy Wales

Skills Bootcamp
Green Skills




10 weeks

Starting March 2024

More details coming soon.