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Technical Recruitment Solutions

Higher technical recruitment solutions to close your skills gaps.

Our technical recruitment solutions focus on closing higher technical skills gaps within engineering, manufacturing, and related disciplines.

In addition, we recruit for human resource, quality, and technical management roles to support your core business operation. We work with large organisations, SMEs, and public bodies across Wales. As a result, we can create bespoke technical recruitment services that help ensure your recruitment process is streamlined and produces talent.

Core Recruitment Service

iungo's core higher technical recruitment service.

1. Initial Consultation

We will meet with the Recruiting Manager and HR Representative to discuss the company, the role, and candidate requirements including educational and qualification requirements, sector or role-based experience and personal attributes.

2. Sourcing candidates

We will formulate a tailored technical recruitment strategy for your role(s) which will articulate relevant sectors and candidate demographics. We will source a range of candidates in accordance with agreed specification whilst endeavouring to maximise the diversity of candidates.

3. Longlisting candidates

We will perform an initial application sift via a short telephone call or online interview with each candidate. This will enable us to present a longlist of candidates to you with specific knowledge of their experience, skills, and personal attributes.

4. Referencing

We will obtain references for any candidates you wish to progress to interview, seeking your guidance on the type of reference you wish to obtain.

5. Onboarding

We will remain the primary point of contact for all candidates during the recruitment process and will work with your HR team to onboard the successful candidate to your business.

6. Evaluation

We will check in with the Recruiting Manager and the candidate 2 weeks after the candidate’s start date. We will review the recruitment project objectives, and subject to your satisfaction, close the contract.

Additional Services

Inclusive job advert design

Inclusive job advert design

We can tailor and transform your job description into an attractive opportunity for a diverse range of potential candidates.

Technical Recruitment capability and training assessment

Capability and training assessment

We can perform a knowledge, skills and behavioural gap analysis of your chosen candidate(s). A range of psychometric assessments are available at additional cost.

Salary benchmarking for technical recruitment

Salary benchmarking

We can verify your proposed package, or suggest a competitive position based on market rates for sectors, roles and local geography.

External training programmes for technical recruitment

External training programmes

We can advise on suitable educational and training programs including apprenticeships and locally funded training programs.

Technical recruitment selection criteria and assessment questions

Selection criteria and assessment

We will help you convert your job description and person specification into a set of measurable criteria with appropriate questions and technical assessment methods.

Technical Recruitment Funding incentives and schemes

Funding incentives and schemes

We can introduce you to a number of incentives including Apprenticeships, Kickstart, and Jobs Growth Wales.



£2,450+ VAT

per candidate

Core recruitment service
Inclusive job advert design
Salary benchmarking

£3,950+ VAT

per candidate

Core recruitment service
Inclusive job advert design
Salary benchmarking
Funding incentives and schemes
External training programmes
Capability and training assessment
Selection criteria and assessment questions

On quote

Core recruitment service
All recruitment extras
2 - 10 week bespoke Skills Bootcamp
Organisational culture and capability assessment
Progression mapping and job design
Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and employer branding

Organisational Design Solutions

We can help your organisation respond to the future skills requirements and close higher technical skills gaps within engineering, manufacturing, and related industries.

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