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Priority & High Growth Sectors in Wales and the South West of England

The regions of Wales and the West of England are pioneering an approach to create internationally successful sectors within a local context, creating skills, employment, and export opportunities for local businesses and residents.

The main growth sectors within the Cardiff Capital Region and South West England include Financial Technology (FinTech), Semiconductors and the Creative economy, whereas in South West Wales Hospitality & Retail and Education are key sectors. Advanced Manufacturing continues to be the lifeblood of the Welsh and South West English economies offering progressive high quality employment across the regions.

Explore learning opportunities in the main growth sectors by selecting one of the tiles below.

Explore Sectors


Enter one of the fastest growing technology industries in Wales and the South West of England by completing a FinTech programme designed to meet the needs of local FinTechs.


The MedTech Cluster is home to a diverse range of private and public sector organisations and businesses seeking fresh talent for digital, data and engineering roles.

Digital Creative

Forge your own path in the Digital Creative sector with a range of creative and technical programmes to sharpen your skills and enhance your employability.

Advanced Manufacturing

Is industry 4.0 a technological revolution, or an evolution in human behaviour? Apply to one of our programmes to find out what it means for your business or your career.


Semiconductors represent the jewel in Welsh manufacturing’s crown. Start your career in one of the most unique, high-tech and fast-growing sectors in South East Wales.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is poses one of the biggest threats to governments, businesses and individuals in the 21 Century. Find your role in tackling cyber crime by learning the fundamentals of cyber security.