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How to: Get into creative

How to: Get into creative

How to: Get into Creative

The Creative Sector is one of the fastest growing parts of the UK Economy. In Wales, the Creative Industries contribute £2.2 billion to the economy each year and employ more than 56,000 people. The sector is broad, spanning culture and heritage, screen and news, and even games development. One thing you can be sure of, is that there will be a career in creative out there for you! 

What are the creative industries?

The list of jobs is endless. It ranges from social media managers and content creators to architects. As a guide, we’ve identified 11 categories to help you get to grips with what’s on offer. – we hope this gives you a clear overview of the exciting opportunities available within this sector!


Games Development

Want to create an alternate reality? The indie game development scene is booming in Wales, with top developers and publishers like Wales Interactive and Tiny Rebel Games. What’s more, Wales is famous for developing Full Motion Video (FMV) games, also known as interactive movies. Choose from a range of technical, creative and hybrid roles in software development, games design, data science and sound and lighting.


Screen and News 

Have I got news for you! Whether you’re more comfortable in front of the camera or behind it, there’s a role out there for you. Try your hand as a broadcast engineer, newsreader, post-production assistant or screenwriter. 


You can kickstart your career by applying for the prestigious BBC or ITV Apprenticeship programme through Sgil Cymru or a placement through Screen Alliance Wales.


Marketing & Advertising 

Got the gift of the gab? As a merchandiser, you are tasked with designing product sales strategies. A retail merchandiser focuses on making a physical location look appealing to potential customers. Meanwhile, content creators and social media managers put sales strategies into action online, overseeing an organisation’s digital marketing activities. 


Architecture & Interior Design

Feeling inspired by your surroundings?  Buildings provide us with spaces to live, work and build communities. Creative roles in this sector include architects who design, restore and converse buildings, and interior designers create positive, energising internal spaces. 


Art and antiques 

Always had a soft spot for that grandfather clock?  The creative industries are home to Arts and Antiques dealers who collect, curate and condition or conserve jewellery, precious stones and metal, Vintage clothing, artefacts and sculptures and paintings.


Crafts and design 

Have an eye for detail?  Design roles come in all shapes and sizes, from  graphic designers,tattoo artists, police skechers and fine art painters. Why not turn your Crafts and Design passion into a business with our fully-funded Entrepreneurship programme.


Fashion industry

Always up-to-date with the latest trends?  From Gucci and Boohoo to independent boutique fashion outlets, you’ll never be behind the curve as a fashion designer. The fashion industry also boasts roles in manufacturing and tailoring, sustainable textile designers and personal shoppers. 


Film industry

Always dreamed of being a movie star?  The Golden Age of Hollywood may be over but high-tech film production in Valleywood is just getting started. Find your passion for film as a  producer, VFX artist, narrative writer or lighting technician. What’s more, Wales is home to a diverse collection of film production companies, including Dragon Studios, Bad Wolf, and Pinewood. 


Music industry 

Does this strike a chord?  Whilst the music industry is notoriously difficult to break into, you could try your hand at a range of exciting supporting roles that will help you to gain exposure in the industry. How about becoming a vocal instructor, music producer, recording engineer, or tour manager?


Performing arts 

Looking for a way to express yourself?  The performing arts scene in Wales is buzzing, with opportunities to train at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, or even work with iconic brands such as the Welsh National Opera. Specialise in singing, dancing, acting or opera and start your career professional practice, tutoring or supporting roles. 


Publishing industry

Video killed the radio star?  The future of publishing is bright with a projected 1.22% growth trajectory to 2026. Put your creative writing skills to excellent use and become a copywriter, journalist, or publishing assistant.


Turn your passion into a profession: Top skills to land your dream job in the Creative Sector

  • Digital Skills: Using tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, Canva, Blender, and Google Workspace will enable you to create collaboratively. 
  • Coding and Programming: Web development technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript will give you an edge in the job market. Programming languages like C# will be beneficial for games design/development roles.
  • Data Analytics: Curating, manipulating and analysing data is a key skill for digital marketing and all consumer-facing industries. Take the driving seat with data savvy skills.
  • Creative writing: Experience writing blogs , social media captions, story narratives, or interview scripts will open doors in the creative sector.
  • Editing Skills: Skills for editing videos, audio and images will allow you to create engaging content for a range of sectors. Experience in using tools like Adobe Premiere Pro (Rush for mobile), ProCreate (for iOS), and Inkscape (for vector drawings) will give you a competitive edge in the jobs market.  


Things to consider

  • Types of Organisations: More than 70% of organisations employ less than 10 people.
  • Employment: More than 40% of people working in the creative sector are self-employed or freelancers. Sign up to our next 1-day Introduction to Entrepreneurship to learn about becoming a freelancer. 
  • Salaries:

Sector Common Role Average Salary
Games Development Games Developer £45,044
Screen and News Cameraperson £33,529
Marketing & Advertising Digital Marketer £37,921
Architecture and Interior Design Architect £44,971
Arts & Antiques Fine Artist £30,409
Crafts & Design Crafts Artist £28,936
Fashion Industry Textiles Technician £29,796
Film Industry Production Manager £33,068
Music Industry Audio Engineer £39,990
Performing Arts Actor/Actress £32,500
Publishing Industry Editor £26,058


Why consider a career within the creative industry

A career in the creative industries can be diverse, exciting and create  opportunities for exposure and progression. What’s more, creative skills are increasingly sought after, widening your prospects in other industries.. This is a sector where you can truly forge your own path.



Ready to take the next step?

If you’re contemplating your next move, get in touch to see how we can help you. With intensive career change academies, short professional upskilling courses, and apprenticeships available, we can help you take your next steps.


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