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More than one-fifth of businesses currently face a digital skills gap. With more than 70% of job listings requiring digital skills of one form or another, the digital skills gap is ever becoming a digital skills chasm. 

Digital skills promise to offer a future skills currency, enabling higher performance, enhanced brand awareness, and greater collaboration benefits for all sectors. Digital skills can be divided into digital user skills, coding and programming, and data analytics and learning programmes are available to suit all levels and abilities.

Explore learning opportunities to develop digital skills by selecting one of the tiles below.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner



Part Time

Learn how to deploy custom software solutions in a cloud hosted environment using the most popular Cloud Service Provider on the market. Deploy databases, serverless functions and websites all within a fully scalable pay-as-you-go service.




Part Time

Develop a deep understanding of key programming and event-driven principles using one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Learn how to create interactive web pages and responsive layouts as well as be introduced to the Object Oriented Programming paradigm. We have courses for beginners, those with some programming experience, and those re-entering or upskilling in the tech industry.