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Digital Skills Week: Building Skills for Industry

Digital Skills Week: Building Skills for Industry

Developing your digital skills is more important than ever!

Microsoft’s Digital Skills Week, which ran from 15th November – 19th November, aims to help develop diverse digital talent within the UK. 

Industry leaders came together over the course of the week to share expert insight on a range of topics. This year, Microsoft UK hosted three exciting keynotes surrounding digital skills and talent:

  • Microsoft Skills and Talent Webinar:
    Connecting diverse talent to tech job opportunities
  • Microsoft Higher Education Webinar:
    Empowering institutions and students to thrive in the new world of work
  • Microsoft Skills Webinar:
    Preparing today’s workforce for a more environmentally sustainable future

Alongside receiving insight from industry leaders, Digital Skills Week helps companies and individuals focus on upskilling and modernising. The workshops were available for everyone – from beginners looking to learn more about the general digital sphere, to digital professionals who want to advance their skillset. 

And, of course, no Digital Skills Week would be complete without providing careers guidance. Students, graduates and anyone looking for a little guidance were able receive advice on LinkedIn, CV creation, and interview preparation. 

Are digital skills necessary?

The short answer is: of course they are! And they have been for decades now. 

In fact, with the constant evolution of the digital sphere, all organisations within all industries rely on digital skills. And, in the wake of the pandemic, this is more true than it ever was. IT professionals, developers, and more are all seeing increased demand.

This reliance on digital skills is only going to grow as we continue to develop technologically. Over 60% of employers agree that their industry’s need for advanced digital skills is set to increase within the next five years. That’s a staggering figure.

And with a shortage of digital skills across the UK, it’s not hard to see why events such as Microsoft’s Digital Skills Week are becoming more and more popular. 

Digital skills training is becoming more commonplace, and more employers are finally seeing the need to invest in this. And it’s not just your “tech” team that can benefit from developing necessary technical skills, either. Every employee has the opportunity to learn something new or perhaps develop a new passion for digital skills. 

Here’s just a handful of reasons it’s worth investing in digital skills: 

  • Building strong digital skills help your business create stronger relationships with partners and customers
  • Digital skills training can help develop your team and increase efficiency
  • They can give you a competitive advantage and increase revenue
  • New strategies and approaches to working can be implemented when your team has strong digital skills
  • Digital skills can promote innovation and be a key part of your company’s future

iungo Solutions joined Digital Skills Week

iungo Solutions’ co-founder and CEO, Jessica Leigh Jones MBE, joined Microsoft’s push to help individuals develop the necessary digital skills to succeed.

Taking part in Microsoft’s first Digital Skills Week panel – Microsoft Skills and Talent Webinar: Connecting diverse talent to tech job opportunities – on the 15th November, Jessica discussed all things apprenticeships and training. 

Busting apprenticeship myths, she discussed how they’re a fantastic way to not only develop the skills you need to enter the workplace, but to also upskill and train current employees. Iungo Solutions’ “Everyone is an Apprentice” framework champions the idea that each member of the company should be continuously learning and developing. 

Also mentioned was the importance of investing in training programmes. A core aspect of iungo’s business is developing bespoke training programmes and bootcamps to help students and those developing their careers gain worthwhile transferable skills.

Speaking at Microsoft’s Digital Skills Week provided Jessica with a fantastic opportunity to promote the need for development and training within small and corporate businesses. 

If you’re interested in hearing more from the panel, keep an eye out for clips and quotes! 

Developing your Digital Skills

The week was a resounding success, with thousands of guests across the UK in attendance. And we’re very honoured to have been a part of it. 

If Digital Skills Week prompted you to start thinking about how you can further your digital skills beyond just this past week, then there are plenty of resources out there. 

Take a look at Microsoft UK’s digital skills hub for some ideas on how to broaden your digital horizon, or contact us if you’re interested in a bespoke training course for your students or employees. 

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