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Welcome to the exclusive page for Cardiff City FC fans to discover the latest career development opportunities from iungo Solutions.

Upskill for the future

Ever thought about starting your own business? Or maybe you want to learn more about new technologies that are impacting your industry? iungo Solutions offers a range of fully-funded training courses available to Welsh residents. 

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Self-employment and entrepreneurship, digital skills and coding bootcamps, and mental health and wellbeing

Change your career

Time to change your career but not sure how to get started? Our self-service Careers Information, Advice and Guidance Platform can help you work out the next step, and the step after that. Did we also mention that it’s free?

Design your career, create your future

With Opus IAG you can explore 1000+ roles across 14 sectors and plan step-by-step career routes to your perfect role. It’s like Google Maps for Careers.

Partnering for business success

Are you looking to improve your strategic and operational performance, build an inclusive and intrapreneurial culture, develop organisational capability and agility, or diversify and scale? We can support your business along its transformation journey.

Get future ready

Digital transformation, organisational, design and development, recruitment, onboarding and upskilling, overseas expansion and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) operations, outsourced HR and marketing services

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