Bot-Hive and iungo Solutions combine forces to help companies plan for automation in pandemic recovery period - iungo Solutions

Bot-Hive and iungo Solutions combine forces to help companies plan for automation in pandemic recovery period

Bot-Hive and iungo Solutions combine forces to help companies plan for automation in pandemic recovery period

Automation consultancy with Bot-Hive & iungo

Bot-Hive, the world’s largest online platform for robotics and automation technology, and iungo Solutions, a leading careers technology business, are combining forces to offer companies effective and affordable access into the world of automation. The objective is to make the adoption of automation far easier to far more companies, particularly those who are new to automation.

The strategic partnership will combine leading automation consultancy and delivery solutions with a focus on accessible Industry 4.0 technologies, organisational change and staff up-skilling.  

The two businesses are working on customer projects which will support organisations throughout the pandemic recovery era which is  seeing an increased emphasis on localising supply chains, utilising digital technologies and transforming team capabilities. The pandemic has rapidly accelerated the adoption of automation and Industry 4.0 technologies.

Jacques Bonfrer, CEO and co-founder of Bot-Hive, said: “I’m very excited about working with the team at iungo.  It’s clear from day one of our conversations that we share a common goal and see the need for businesses to adopt industry 4.0 in a holistic manner. Combining iungo’s experiences, industry skills knowledge and general change management capabilities with Bot-Hive’s technology consulting is a perfect marriage, and one which we feel offers unique value to organisations across the UK.  

“Since our inception we have been working with manufacturers and supply chain businesses right across the UK from SMEs to large multinationals. We have seen a common need for organisations to gain access to support services from skills planning, organisational management and technology implementation. This partnership with iungo allows us to offer exactly that.” 

Tom de Vall, iungo Solutions’ co-founder and Executive Chair, added: “We’re extremely pleased to be working withBot-Hive on the launch of these new services. From our own experiences in the manufacturing industry, there is a growing demand for automation and technology which has accelerated as companies innovate their way out of the global pandemic. Skills gaps and fragmented knowledge management remain the Achilles’ heel of many organisations as they embark on automation projects. 

“It was clear from our very first conversation that Bot-Hive and iungo shared a lot in common. Whilst operating in different industries, we had developed along similar paths and were seeking to solve the same problems. Our partnership will see us provide a customisable end-to-end transformation service to support local manufacturing businesses in scaling and pivoting their operations.”

Jessica Leigh Jones, co-founder and CEO of lungo Solutions, commented: “We couldn’t imagine a better partner to collaborate with on this project. We’re looking forward to working with Jacques and the team at Bot-Hive to deliver an accessible and holistic transformation service to manufacturing businesses that has the potential to strengthen the local economy.”

Bot-Hive has its headquarters in Cardiff, with offices in Bristol and Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

If you are interested in the service, please get in touch!

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