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A Guide To Falling in Love with New Skills

A Guide To Falling in Love with New Skills

A guide to falling in love with new skills


Are you seeking a change in direction, leading you into the arms of your next true love?

At the beginning of the year, we can’t always predict what’s to come. However, this year – for at least some part – you can take charge. You could plan ahead, expand your skillset and fall in love with your dream career…with our help. You could choose to improve your career or skill set, or embark on a career change!


Our success with your help

Last year was a high achieving year for the programmes that we launched. To mention just a few of our successful programmes, these include: 

  • 3-day Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator
  • FinTech Skills Academies including the Advanced Data Academy, Front-End & Back-End Development
  • Industry 4.0 Upskilling including Simulation & Digital Twins and Virtual Reality Experience
  • Compassionate Colleagues and Mental Health in the Workplace webinar

We also had the opportunity to work with Swansea University to develop their next generation of Entrepreneurs through a bespoke Entrepreneurship Accelerator Programme. 


What can be expected this year…

With the programmes we’re introducing this year, you could really expand your horizons in subjects you initially may not have considered. We can give you a taste of these routes, through virtual open events, introductory workshops, or a one-to-one chat with our Learning Experience Advisors. 


Skills Academies 

Can you commit to a new challenge if thrown your way? Introducing our Skills Academies, a more fruitful challenge compared with finding true love. If you complete the challenge, we play Cupid, matching you with your dream Employer! 

Our skills academies provide a rapid and immersive upskilling experience for people who are starting, accelerating or changing their career. We offer Skills Academies in a range of sectors, including FinTech, Creative and Advanced Manufacturing,  open to anyone, at any stage in their career. Typical Skills Academy applicants are career changers, career returners, and recent graduates. 

Our most popular Skills Academies are in the fast-growing Fintech Sector. Academy specialisms include software development, data science, and digital growth.


Skills Accelerators

Could you fall in love with being your own boss? Our popular Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator will help you discover what starting your own business could look like or lead you to. Learn strategies to connect with your audience and grow your own social business. In this relationship, you can earn a living, while making a positive impact on society and the audience you care about.

Not ready to commit? Our ‘Take Control of Your Future’ programme, offers a 1-day introduction to the world of entrepreneurship, so you can dip your toe without getting stuck in – just yet! If that sounds good, the programmes we offer may just be for you, find out more about it here.

Don’t worry if you’ve missed your dream programme. We will be introducing some new programmes this year, including one that focuses solely on green skills, and Net Zero. A great opportunity to learn how you can play your part in improving sustainability, from the products you use, to the way you operate within your workplace.

Someone learning new skills

Professional upskilling 

Our professional upskilling programmes enable individuals to discover new specialisms or develop deeper skills for career progression.

Introductory Programmes

For example, why not develop your skills in 3D printing, with our Introduction to 3D Printing programme delivered at Lunia 3D HQ in Cowbridge? This new programme has already received great reviews.

“I now have a far better understanding of the technology behind 3D printing. It was great being able to ask for expert advice, which was explained very clearly. I’m leaving with lots of inspiration to finally begin 3D printing! It was a really exciting workshop and had up to date content, I will definitely be joining their next workshop.”

If this programme doesn’t make you fall in love with 3D printing, then we don’t know what will! 

Find yourself enthralled by ethical hackers, or just want to learn how to best protect your business? Sign up for our Introduction to Cyber Security  to discover how to protect yourself and your business against cyber threats.

Deep Upskilling

Become a Coding Maestro with our Programming & Advanced Programming Upskilling in Python and JavaScript. These programmes are delivered flexibly in the evenings to fit in around your work commitments.

If your head is in the clouds why not apply to join our AWS Cloud and Architecture programmes? You’ll become an expert in deploying and managing AWS Services whilst building your own eCommerce website! If that’s not enough to make you fall in love, how does a free exam for Cloud Practitioner or Solutions Architect sound?



Our Apprenticeships offer high-quality, off-the-job training delivered by expert Tutor-Practitioners, to help you progress in the workplace. Higher Apprenticeships are a great way to progress and accelerate your career, by learning new skills whilst you earn your salary. They can also help you to build a stronger and more open relationship with your employer, setting shared development goals that will help you to go further. 

“At iungo, we believe that everyone is an Apprentice. When recruiting new employees, we offer apprenticeships and upskilling as part of the package. This means that when someone new joins our team, we fully support any training or apprenticeship that they want to undertake alongside working with us. We invest fully in our employees’ development and encourage them to invest in themselves. This is about building trust and relationships as much as capability, and our experience so far illustrates a strong link between learning, confidence, and performance. ”

Jessica Leigh Jones, MBE – CEO @ iungo Solutions


How far are you willing to go for finding what could be the programme you love? 

With a range of different opportunities on the table, you might regret passing this up. We offer programmes in subjects you may have pondered but rejected the idea of long term commitment. 

Luckily this is no longer necessary, our short, sharp upskilling programmes range from 1 day to 10 weeks, with flexible delivery options to fit around your schedule. Depending on the time you have available, our taster sessions have benefited those with less time just as much as those with flexibility. We deliver learning experiences that keeps individuals engaged and exploring their inspiration.


Celebrating how far we’ve come

On the topic of the ones we care for and appreciate, as a company we just want to take a moment to reflect and celebrate all the positive progress we’ve made throughout last year.  Alongside a massive thank you to all that have come along and joined in, making it possible for us to continue on this journey, onwards and upwards. 

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