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7 cool features in OPUS by iungo

7 cool features in OPUS by iungo

Talking through our favourite features in OPUS by iungo

The new Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) Careers Platform from iungo Solutions will transform the way students approach their future-planning. With a data-driven algorithm that takes into account their experience, skills and desires, finding a perfect career has never been easier. 

OPUS by iungo helps young people unlock their transferable skills and explore careers across all sectors and provides a unique look behind the curtain to discover professions they did not know existed. 

But there’s a lot more to this careers platform than meets the eye. So here’s a look at seven cool features you’ll find when using OPUS by iungo.  

1. Profile Creation

A personalised experience is something that you’ll find on many platforms and applications these days. From social media to professional spaces – it’s almost a given and a critical feature to ensure users get the most out of OPUS by iungo. 

Your OPUS profile is the centralised place for you to record and store your data, functioning as a tool to enhance the personalised experience, as well as making navigation of the platform more intuitive. 

By storing your qualifications, experience, apprenticeship information and much more in the profile section, OPUS will use our unique algorithms to position you on our career frameworks and tailor the sector and pathway suggestions to fit you. 

This means no more aimless wandering, wondering what industry you’ll be best suited in. And, more than that, it’ll help OPUS provide accurate data on how to get from where you are now to your dream role. 

2. CV Builder

After going to the effort of building a profile, you’ll want to ensure that information can be exported. No need to worry – OPUS by iungo’s customisable CV builder has you covered. 

The CV builder will collect all information necessary from an individual’s profile and input it into a CV template. And the best part is you can customise this template as you see fit. So, whether you’re going for a technical role or a more creative role, OPUS can tailor it to your needs. 

After selecting your desired template, the platform allows you to select the information you feel is relevant for the role and the order it is laid out. And, when everything is ready – you can export it in a range of formats! 

3. Explore Careers Across Sectors

OPUS by iungo provides a unique look into careers from a variety of sectors. All career frameworks and information has been generated from in-depth analysis and research into each sector, utilising industry experts for quality assurance. And it’s constantly expanding! 

Its data-driven queries ensure that the platform is always suggesting the careers and sectors that work best for you. But you can drill into the details if you’re looking for something a little left-field! 

And, when you’ve found the sector or career for you, OPUS will tell you the exact route you need to get there… 

4. Personalised Routing 

Taking into account the information provided in your profile – such as the qualifications and professional experience you have – OPUS will provide detailed routes that get you to any profession of your choosing. With over 5 million potential routes and 1200 careers there are plenty of options but OPUS will find the ones that fit your profile and aspirations!

So, whether you’re from a science background looking to get into the world of Marketing,  you’re from a humanities background looking to explore career options in Computer Science, or you’re a mathematician who just wants to progress in your field – OPUS has the route for you. 

The routing queries will detail the additional experience, qualifications or professional recognitions that you need to succeed in your career goals. The personalised routes will detail each step of your pathway so you know exactly how to start. And, better yet, it lets you know how long it will take you with options to alter the pathway and time scale, depending on where your ambitions lie.  

5. Save and Configure Your Career Routes

When you find a route you like, OPUS by iungo allows you to save or “bookmark” it for future reference. This means that if you’re doing some self-discovery and you’re not entirely sure which direction you want to go in, then you’ll be able to save and compare as many as you need to. 

This works incredibly well for students. There are so many options out there that it’s not always easy to get it right first try. And you don’t have to. That’s what OPUS is all about. 

And the best part is that you can choose the route that’s right for you – academic, technical or apprenticeship-focussed. There’s plenty of options out there! 

6. Bilingual Browsing

iungo Solutions is a Welsh business committed to preserving and developing the Welsh language. As such, OPUS by iungo is available in both English and Welsh. 

The inclusion of multiple languages within the platform allows for further accessibility and for people to use OPUS in their language of choice. However, it has the added benefit of strengthening people’s language abilities and their connection with the language. 

We’re committed to delivering a service that provides for everyone and this is one method in achieving this. 

Future developments could also see the platform expand into other languages. 

7. Accessibility Features

Some of the most important features in OPUS by iungo focus on accessibility!

It is important that OPUS by iungo be accessible to everyone, so there’s a number of functions within the platform that will help ensure this. And these functions are growing all the time!

First, we’ve got the obvious inclusion of voiceovers throughout – in both English and Welsh. These will be available throughout the sectors and pathways and will come with the option to turn them on and off, depending on preference or necessity. 

A light mode and dark mode have been implemented into the platform’s functionality. This customisability ensures that users have access to the mode that works best for them. It also minimises blue light exposure. 

There will also be a “How To” function throughout the platform to ensure that everyone is comfortable using and engaging with OPUS. This will include video and text-based content. 

We’re also looking into the inclusion of voiceover integration for CVs, further voiceover capabilities throughout, and many more to come as the platform grows!

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